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Welcome to the Happiness Index. 

By taking the Happiness Index and adding your data, you contribute to an understanding of happiness that helps guide our society, economy and our lives for present and future sustainable happiness.

At the end you will be given your own assessment of your happiness, and you will see how you compare to everyone else who has taken the Happiness Index. The Happiness Index survey takes most people 12-14 minutes to complete. 

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Skip any question you don’t feel comfortable answering a question, and get your results at any point by clicking Result. 

Your data privacy: We follow the European Union's GDPR, the strongest code we know of for protecting personal data. In simple language: your personal information will never be sold; your data will be used at the aggregate level for the purposes of the Happiness Alliance only; all of your responses will be anonymous; data is only kept for as long as it is useful. 

The Happiness Index is provided by the Happiness Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit offering tools, resources and knowledge for personal happiness and a new economic paradigm. Visit us at 

Please email for problems or concerns with the Happiness Index.